THE SAEM | Gem Miracle Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask

Greate a luxurious micro oxygen bubbles for unparalleled whitening effect with this fun yet effective wash-off carbonated bubble mask which helps brighten dull skin tone up, also removes dead skin cells and impurities, leaving glowing and smooth skin.

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Oxygen Bubble + Black Pearl gives you 5-In-1 results:

1.     Brightening and skin glow

2.     Detoxifying & Purification of skin with carbonated bubble

3.     Exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells and pore impurities

4.     Pore tightening

5.     Supply of nutrient


1.     After cleansing, pump a moderate amount and spread all over the face with a 2mm thickness without moisture.

2.     When oxygen bubbles are sufficiently developed, massage the bubbles gently.

3.     Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Main ingredients benefits:

Black Pearl from Tahiti plus pearl powder – many minerals and amino acids in black pearl works to brighten the complexion.

Oxogen Carrier CF-G1 – Combine with Oxygen in the aire and deliver to the cells. Just as we need oxygen to live, our cell needs oxygen as well. Oxygen helps take away toxins and any harmful molecules in the skin.

7 Organic Herb Complex – Malbow, Primrose, Peppermint, Veronica, Lemon Balm, Yarrow, Lady’s Mantle herb complex inhibits transfer of melanin and helps natural exfoliation.

Papaya – Contains papain enzyme to resolve protein molecules. Dead cells are made up of molecules and Papaya helps resolve and take away these dead skin cells.

Weight 105 g
Composition (ingredient)

Black Pearl, Papaya, Pearl


Brightening, Exfoliation, Pore tightening, Shine




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