THE SAEM | Care Plus Baobab Collagen Cream

Moisturizing cream with baobab extract and collagen suitable for all skin types. Deeply and intensively moisturises the skin. It has firming effects and leaves the skin elastic. Easy to apply and well absorbed.

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The Saem Care Plus Baobab Collagen Cream has an intense moisturizing effect. It effectively fights against the main problems of dry and dehydrated skin: peeling, feeling of tightness, fine wrinkles, dull complexion. In addition, with regular use, the cream will even out the tone, resulting in a healthy glow.
The moisturizer contains two active ingredients: marine collagen and baobab extract. Along with moisturizing, the cream has a lifting effect, tightening the skin and protecting it from premature aging. The thoughtfulness of the composition allows it to be used not only for moisturizing the face, but also on dry areas of other parts of the body (hands, elbows, legs, etc.).
Cream has a very light, delicate texture and pleasant fragrance. It spreads easily over the skin, is quickly absorbed without leaving an oily sheen. The skin is transformed, peeling and dryness go away, the oval of the face is tightened, the tone is evened out. 100 ml volume and low flow rate ensure economical use!

Weight 100 g

Moisturizing, Strengthening



Composition (ingredient)

Baobab, Collagen


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